Usb Or Ethernet Connection? Which Is Better?

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I have applied for a TRiband connection.....I have not yet got the connection.....I just wanted to ask u guys which interface is better.....USB or the Ethernet port.....Is there any difference in performance?I am novice regarding DSL.....I am gonna use the connection mainly for downloading and a little gaming....Also I would like to know if i go for the ethernet connection initially will i be able to shift to the USB port easily without involving the MTNL guys....Cos their involvment would surely slow down things... CAn i get the things done at my end without any hassles....Thanks in advance....
Ethernet connection is more stable . And itsconfiguration is simple . You can configure it .USB can be used as a alternate connection . if required , you can use USB connection byinstalling the modem drivers for USB .
once drivers installed of USB drive, u can interchange anytime u wish need to involve the MTNL guys...just unplug one and plug the other one...
A USB connection operates at 12Mbps and a 100baseT Ethernet operates at 100Mbps.What the MTNL gives u is a maximum speed of 2Mbps,so there wont be any differences in speed.But the ethernet is more stable than USB.Most of the new pc comes with USB2.0 .but if u have only usb1.1 then u go for ethernet connection as usb1.1 gives u just very low speeds.If ur pc has only small number of free usb ports like 1 or 2 it is wise to go for LAN as you may want to connect your digicam,mp3player or someother but yet you can buy a pci usb card to expand to more number of usb ports.
well dude if u wnt more back up..on UPS..thn use Ethernet..i tested BOth USB n Ehternet...USB takezz much currentso ethernet...