use sify interneton 2 pcs

i have sify 128 unltd connection i want to use it on my 2 pc independently ie i didnot want that both the computers will depend on each other i do not want to buy a router and i have lancards on my both pc and a hub plz help mehow to get it done??🙁
you will not be able to use internet on both the computers simultaneously..but the connection can b use on one pc at a timeyou can connect the wire to the other computer but it will reject the mac address the first time and u will have to call up customer care to inform them that u bought a new pc ... then jucs connect the wire to either computer and set both the pcs to same ip given by sifyyou can also use the hub if you dont want the hassle of plugging in the wire to a diff comp every time u connectconnect both the computers and the sify wire to ur hub...but then u will have to change the ips on the machine before connecting or else u will hav ip conflict if both machines are on at same timeto connect both pcs simultaneously u will need to buy an adsl based connection like mtnl/airtel/bsnlas they have pppoe option where the modem dials the connection, not the pc