User Manuals Of Dataone Supplied Modems

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Hi all,can someone please help me. i need dataone modems user manuals for troubleshooting for my parents. please tell me what modems MTNL dataone supplies. i will try to find it. Thanks.
Just had a look could not find any. can you please tell me what brands and model number BSNL might be using. i am overseas so can only find info thats available online.
Dude, there are more than 8 modem models that BSNL gives (Type 1 has 5 brands)

We can't help u until n unless u don't tell us your model n type

Maybe this will help you!

BSNL DataOne Modems Help

See the link!
Try this


and this 1 is better

Maybe this also

Product Description: 121&pageId=121_0 (PDF) (PDF)

User Manual: 2C01B021_User_Manual.pdf (PDF)

USB Windows Drivers:

Drivers for OS10.1 / OS10.2 / Windows 98 & ME / Windows 2K & XP:

Disabling the Router function, using the unit as a bare ADSL modem: modem.pdf (PDF)

Port Forwarding: uawei/SmartAX-MT882/SmartAX-MT882index.htm

Product Links:

Drivers and Manuals: 3415 (Windows Drivers) 3416 (Manual) (PDF) 3417 (Mac Drivers) 3418 (Linux Drivers) 5173 (Windows Drivers Version 2.7.0) (USB Remote Network Device)

More USB Drivers for PC and Mac: download&cid=72 (RAR)

aaaah. someone has to post this content on the wiki in the relevant section!
my name is prabhu...
i have set to default settings and rebooted my Nokia siemens 1600 residential modem using this url-""..
but after i reboot,a message was displayed to close the explorer window and open after 2 mins..
but now i cant connect to internet,but the dsl,internet and lan cable indicators are glowing in green and lan is also connected to the computer..
i dont know the reason y this happend...somebody,pls help me to resolve this problem....
or else pls provide me a customer care executives number who may help me in solving this problem....
1.See the "STICKY" post by me for UTSTAR WA3002-G4 in BSNL FORUM 2.Download usser manual for Sl2_141 given at the end.3.After resetting the modem, you have to use a Dialer to connect. enter userId and PW. usually will connect, If not4. Check modem settings for 0 and 35. ( VPI VCI )