Vi India throttling speeds on various speed testing sites

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Jio, Airtel, Vi(Idea sim)
Sikka Broadband(AS45942)
I have noticed that vi is throttling speed in website but on Opensignal it is working well . These images are taken at the same time. That is why they are rewarded the title of fastest network by Opensignal and ookla.😡😡


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it could be a peering issue with Netflix. Why not try other servers on maybe international servers in Singapore?
@JB701 yes I agree with you. Vi is having peering issues with many sites and streaming apps since many months. They have improved in some circles but they route domestic traffic with international packets and then bring back to India . That is the reason pings to local server are very high in some circles.

Not sure what the hell they are doing with packet routing...
@cooltexas60s Yeah I think they're also having some serious routing issues. Pings on every VI server is ridiculously high. Even 200-300ms for some.