Video off remote Plex server connection on JioFiber - throttled?

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Has anyone faced this issue of running video off of a remote plex server? works fine, server is shown, libraries are loaded, but when I try to run a video, the connection seems to be heavily throttled, like 10 seconds video in every 60 seconds timeframe. With a VPN, it works flawlessly.
try downloading a file from the same server?
Able to SSH, FTP. I do not have an HTTP server installed on it. If the server IP was blocked, I shouldnt have been able to SSH or FTP as well.
Plex has a download option for directly downloading the file from server (on browser). Try seeing the speeds you get from that

Which provider is your server on?

I have other web server on Hetzner as well, that seems to load HTTP content fine. When I use direct connection or via secured plex, both instances it drags. I feel the port is an issue. Let me try to change the plex port and test it.
Jio's route to some European providers like Hetzner, OVH (some locations), is messed up since last 1 month. My plex server at is unusable without VPN