Voip Suitable Broadband Sp In Thane

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Hey Guys,

This is my first post here, and judging by the seasoned arguments and suggestions in some of the other posts, my expectations are certainly very high!
One simple solution havea dsl connection from bsnl/mtnl(govt) or airtel(pvt operator). I guess you already have the phone line. Adsl line come underground with phone unlike cablenet so hardly goes down. Also configure your voip router u send to pppoe as most of the adsl line in india works on pppoe.
Yes go for MTNL. That is the best ISP available in Thane. You get 2 mbps ADSL for 400 Rs a month (with 700 mb download limit). I have been using Vonage with MTNL without any issues.
I second that. Even if you take the NU pack, that would be best, because of the time difference. But you won't get the 2 Mbps upgrade. 256 should be fine though.