What are the installation charges of Excitel Broadband?

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Nandgram, Ghaziabad, U.P
So, guys, I am from Nandgram, Ghaziabad Delhi NCR, and decided to go with Excitel Broadband. It seems like much of the work is done on LCO's end. So I have a few questions about that. Any Help would be much appreciated.

In my area, it turns out that Fibre is available. Although I just see JC box hanging on the poles and don't know whether the connection from there will be normal ethernet or still fiber. Please help me with that as my LCO is saying I still need ONT+ Router.

Anyways I got in contact with LCO and at first, he told me that only INR 1000 router is available which only gives 50 Mbps speed. But Later he said that he can request an INR 2000 router and it will take time. My main concern is that he is saying I have to get a minimum of 3 months connection that costs INR 2000 which is accurate as displayed on the website.

I mean it's a risk if their service is unreliable I would be stuck for 3 months. And on top of that, the LCO said that there is also Rs. 700 installation charges. I don't know if there is supposed to be an installation charge. I read a few posts here about installation and nobody mentioned installation charges. Please enlighten me on that as well.

Also, I would probably call customer care tomorrow but they seem to be no help at all. As I called them previously about how LCO is forcing me to take a minimum of 3 months of connection and his answer was "Han Sir, agar who bolra hai toh hoga". Like Seriously? It seems like they have handed their business to these guys. So guys pls help me to sort this out.
well... with excitel, you are completely dependent on the lco. excitel would not be able to help with anything. few years ago, you had to recharge through LCOs as well and they used to add their own charges to what excitel website showed. at least that is no longer the case as most of us recharge online and do not have to deal with lco for it.

wrt, installation, you would very much likely to do what the lco is suggesting.
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@Sushubh Okay, I guess I got no choice. Also what about the Fiber to the Pole. Will, I still get fiber from there, or is it ethernet cable after that, and if it's latter will I be able to get 100 Mbps as the LCO claims. And is the Wifi router they provide good enough? Cause when I ask him about using my own router he just says you won't get speed basically he is just trying to avoid that.
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it is hard to say. excitel does offer 100mbps over ethernet. but above that you would need fiber. if the lco is forcing ont-router, it is definitely fiber to the house because with ethernet no such device is required as you just get an ethernet cable coming to your house from the pole.

i am on ethernet but the local network is fiber based. fiber is coming to the pole from where i am getting the ethernet cable.
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Installation is dependent on how much fiber is used.
I paid rs.300 as installation vary from nil to 1000.
Wired ont is rs.750 where you ll need your own wifi router.
Ac wireless router is 2000 with ont built in.
750 /2000 are refundable though receipt is not issued.
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@igloo Ya but the fact is he never said it's gonna vary. Even customer care said cable installation up to Rs. 500 is provided by the company. He just said that it will be Rs. 700. Although now I have bargained and he agreed on Rs. 500. Now let's hope everything goes well. Also, have u ever tried the 2000 router+ inbuilt ont device is it good enough to deliver 100 Mbps?

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before covid and lockdown, there were no installation charges when upgrading to fiber. you just had to pay for the ont.
after covid and lockdown, i think excitel has given free reign to lco's to charge for the fiber. my friend in jaipur also tried to get it and his lco told him 1k for the wire.
i think these days lcos are asking anywhere between 500-1k just for the fiber wire.
i guess you'll have to pay it if you want to get ftth and i doubt excitel's customer care will do anything about it.

for the ont, my personal recommendation will be 750 rs for standard ont + your own wifi router.
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Yep 2000 router is best deal if you havnt got any ac gigabit router. It provides decent speed. 2 ppl i know are using it and haven't complained anything about it.
But remember if your lco is not good in support n maintenance then excitel is bad decision.
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I would suggest take no wifi ONT modem from Excitel
use your own wifi router because that will give better results
And ont charges will show in exictel panel. (see attached image )
even plan price receipt too.

you do not need to worry on that

LCO took 500 rs as installation which i paid direct to his account and are non-refundable.

and Excitel FTTH is better than Ethernet one.

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