What Happened To Dhirubhai Ambani Scheme ?

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hi Guyz,I used to have the pioneer (dhirubahi ambani) scheme ...... 2-3 years back. These days I dont see its mention on the Site too. Has that scheme been scrapped off ??-Prankster.
it was an introductory scheme. its stopped a long time ago...
Ha Ha another one infected by the ambani scam!!! serch for reliance Dapo in google you will find more about it.
Guys, Its still working ... though its really long time now... but the users who have not switched over to other schemes ... are still in as default DAPO scheme. I find that it is still cheaper to call to any RIM from my phone. I had tough time with their CC as even they did not know about DAPO... when they referred to their senior only then my query was resolved. But man these ppl wanted me to change the scheme. ..... 🙂 Y should I ... DAPO still provides benifits to me... Y should I change ..... .... ... I am using my RIM after 2 years... i hope that this is not bad experiance... -pranKster.
me on DAPO as well...other than the call charges, there's free national messaging...i just love it 😀the only thing that i don't like about it is ISD rates, Rs. 18/- per min 😱but it's ok, as my hutch gives me ISD for Rs. 5/- per min, i think 🙂
I am also using the same DPO plan but now it is not advisable to continue as I became a member of this offer before its launch( prelaunch) that time the scheme was pretty good but even after a continuous reduction in changes of all call rates they are still offering a call rate that was during its launch. STD to landline is still Rs.4/ and isd about 14 to 18/min. only thing that you love is its free unlimited sms , you can cover it by buying an sms pack.


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