What is Bharat AirFibre?


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BSNL launches Bharat AirFibre for villages: Here’s what you need to know - tech - Hindustan Times

Bharat AirFibre and BSNL’s FTTH service BharatFibre sound similar but differ on the grounds that the FTTH service uses wired technology to provide broadband services while Bharat AirFibre will be wireless.
What this essentially means is that Bharat AirFibre will be launched on the unlicensed spectrum and since it is unlicensed and not being used by any other service, it would mean low interference and better relay quality. BSNL has also said that they will be using line-of-sight radio waves to deploy this service and provide call-centre services to the villages.
Can't see any information about this in BSNL website. Not sure how it differs from WiMax. I heard from one of the BSNL official that they would be pulling the big switch of WiMax in Feb 2020 as it is not economical and consumes lot of electricity etc., not sure if that has been done or not.
BSNL AirFibre seems to be a kind of WiFi Hotpsot one designed for apartment complexes , offices etc. Had a call with one JTO , he told this to me. He also don't have much clarity though.
I recently saw a youtube video (cant find it now) showing air fiber is last mile uplink wireless to a regular fiber OLT in a building and finally FTTH for customers of kerala rail housing society.

Since the society has a railway line and highway next to it, they cannot provide regular wired fiber so using air fiber.

If I find that video I will post it here.