What is the use of dedicated ont

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Im using act and i think they have a switch in my apartment and they are directly connecting customers through ethernet. So im wondering what is the use of the dedicated ont for 1000rs
ethernet is going into ont at your place? 😕
TLDR: More bandwidth (if you're subscribed to a higher bandwidth plan).

The optical module of GPON ONT/ONU is limited to 2.488Gbps downstream, and up to 1.244Gbps upstream. This is further limited to the RGMII ethernet port on the ONT/ONU, which is basically 1Gbit.

Currently, your connection is limited by the usage of other users sharing the same switch. [1]

Getting a dedicated ONT in your case will get you the full 1Gbps up/down bandwidth to OLT.

[1] Some ONT with built-in network switch has the optical module connected directly to the switch via dual RGMII links, providing 2Gbps downstream and upstream at full capacity.