what is this 1GB confusion ?

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well scholars,This is in response to an old mail in another forum, I felt it had not made its presence here.This is a new confusion 1GB = 1024 or 1000 MB. If BSNl s showing smartness in misintrepreting standards, Then this not we should tolerate it's a clear "FRAUD".If this is the case then 1KB = 1000 B; 1MB = 1000 KB; so 1GB = 1000 MB;strictly speaking, then accordingly 1GB = 10^9 B. that is a loss of 70MB(this 70 MB is a standard calculation not the one BSNL is perhaps doing).Hece we are not lssing 24MB but 70MB. My AEO had told me that 1 additional MB is 1.6Re. contradicting to 1.2 Re as in discussed so long in the forum. So we have to find out this metering scheme so are we cheated of 70*1.6 = Rs. 112/- This just not money stealth this is a shame on we INDIAN s( who are also technically smart) being duped so easily.and this 70MB extra according to stray calculation gives 73MB.what i feel is BSNL has been injust in charging additional MB. it should be within 30ps."" I TAUGHT BANGALORE'S AUTO METER ARE WORST BUT BSNL PEOPLE COMPETE WITH RICKSHAW WALLAS AS WELL"".has bsnl clearly told it's 1GB means what?sorry for this long mailRegards.C.N.S.SHASTRY
I had replied on that forum and doing the same here. As every body has received the tel. bill for the month of Aug the free Mb has been divided into 2 equal parts of 512 Mb which confirms that according to BSNL 1 GB= 1024 MB. Hope every thing is clear