When power supply fails

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If the power supply fails here and comes back the switch/hub/box (the thing from which they draw the ethernet cable) hangs. I then have to call up the CTO and they have to reset it. This happens some 5-6 times a month.CTO says that they can do nothing about it. I asked them whether they can let me do the rebooting part, but they don't want to let me. Seems that it is kept under lock and key.The helpline gave the typical answer that this problem is there 'in some places in Chennai' and they are 'looking at it'.Just wanted to know whether this is a 'global' problem or something specific to what our cablewallahs are using. These guys are very helpful, so I don't want to pick up a fight with them either.
i had same problems for 5 months. there was NO POWER BACKUP. i believe most users here would have similar issues.finally i argued like an @$$ with the sify guys. now i have a power backup on the network. and i supply power to local switch from my home. reset it on fluctuations as it still manage to hang.your only escape... FIGHT ARGUEits the only way to get something out of these @$$holes.
whenever theres a powercut, my internet goes off as well.. when the generator for my colony goes on , it will work after 1 minuteIn the past, this device got overloaded a few times cuz of the powerfluctuations: no internet for a dayGood that i live in big flats with lots of connections; alot of people will complain when something is wrong, i never have to call
i am not that lucky. my net was down last night as the line serving me has just 5 customers and none of them are real computer users. being a night pack user i came to know about network problems just too late for the CTO dudes to come and fix it.as i always say... sify has no business selling packages which it cant provide support for.
i think im lucky in this case as my BA from sify provides power backup for quite a long time coz i havnt seen the connection die out even after 3 hrs of power cut.