Which one is good?

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BSNL Broadband
Presently i am having BSNL Broad band which is till 30th June but thereafter which one is good either sify 256 kbs ( night unlimited from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.)or local cable connection who is giving 64 kbs for just Rs.500 p.m.(unlimited). so which one is good in ur opinion. (if i opt for 64 kbs wht is my dl/ul speed and if i opt for 256 wht is my dl/ul)
Beware what local cable do is get a fast connection and use NAT at server to give internet to its local subscribers . SO like if he has 30-40 subscribers then all have one internet ip !! . Sify gives you and independent ip though .. BAd effects of NAT is torrent may not work as they mostly require port forwarding which cable wallah wont do ( atleast mine doesnt 🙁 ) . My torrent client uploads but isnt able to dload more than 2 KB/s while it may upload at 8 KB/s . If u do direct dload from sites /browsing ,etc. then u wont have any prob mostly with local cable wallah's net toooo .. But p2p may give probsss ....Assuming that ur cable wallah uses NAT ... You may talk to him b4r taking connection
sify uses the same NAT bud...and that's the reason why i couldn't start my FTP server till date... 🙁though i don't think you should face any problems with the P2Ps...
Normally every cable internet provider uses NAT. and these local cable providers give a private ip which is not routable on the internet, even sify gives a private ip.Well hotwire gives ip which are in the public range.For torrents test the port incrementing with 5000, & starting from 1 like first is 1 then 5001 then 10001....You might get the resultAnd regarding the localcable wallah one more thing, rarely do they give u what they promise.. neither does sify hahaif he is saying 64kbps. you wont get more than half of it, not in the day time.
still in local cablewallahs case, u'll at least get unlimited if it is unlimited, without any speed cap or crap like that, unlike sify....
What i am saying is when i login to localcable i get a internet ip (www.whatismyip.com) which is same as that my freind get who uses same local cable net with a nother account . So probably all localcable users (40-50) have only 1 internet ip 🙁 .. So who will get open port of that ip ??
All that depends on cableguy's server 🙁 .

In sify u login on ur acc and on same lan some other pc login from another acc then atleast both of us get different internet ip ( again whatismyip.com ) 🙁 . Hope u got my point .....

Now if so many users have only one tru connection then who will get packets destined to some port of that ip . This is why port forwarding is needed 🙁

Yeah, there are different types of NATs and the local cablewallah probably implements Dynamic NAT with Overloading while Sify implements just Dynamic NAT. These types of NATs are described here.
to make it simpler sify gives u two ip's one is internal and the other external .The internal ip is tht ip which is givin to u by ur calewallah which can be found in network connections.While the external ip is tht sify gives u which changes everytime u login to ur account.As for 256Kbps night and 64Kbps given to u by cablewallah wat i suggest is u talk to people who hve taken connection frm cablewallah.As for 256Kbps night plan by sify as i hve heard it rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkx!! B)