Which one to go for BSNL FTTH vs Railwire FTTH?

Sambalpur, Odisha
Railwire, Airtel 4G
Presently I am using railwire wireless 10 Mbps plan (as there was no fiber option in my locality). I think the experience has been okay for me since the speed always depended on the signal strength once it got aligned properly I used to get the promised speed. There was no downtime from Railwire side, only once in last 3-4 months there was downtime of 5-6 hours due to some backbone issue. I received SMS prior to downtime informing about the same.

My LCO has now started providing FTTH connections with two options of BSNL & Railwire.

He is suggesting me to go for Railwire and says he can give 50 Mbps unlimited plan for 950 per month. He said with BSNL the service from their staff is very bad and if there is some issue it takes a lot of time for them to act on it.

I had no problem with Railwire but sometimes the speeds dropped heavily but the LCO came & fixed it by changing the receiver position. I was interested in BSNL due to cheaper 40 Mbps plan available.


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Go for Railwire but ask other users for reviews.
Railwire has better routing and latency.
The answer depends on your personal relationship with LCO? Do you think he is the man you can trust? If yes go with RailWire.

Otherwise just try both for a month of two and see which works better for you(I guess he will service both providers with same cables,so no additional infra cost, just changing isps)
I will look to try both ISPs and check which is better.

@Realme I have one another query. I do my studying in the upper floor while the router is on the ground floor just below my room. The router is by iBall as given by the LCO.

Though I can see the wifi SSID and get around 2 bars signal but when I try to connect it says 'cannot connect to the internet'. So is there a solution for this?