Which Payments App Are You Using? (2021 Edition)

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Which BHIM UPI Payments App You Are Using?

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Galaxy Far Far Away
So which app you guys use nowadays for paying your local kirana, food orders, transferring money to friends, etc?. What are the pros & cons of the app/services you are using?.
These days small businesses have removed the POS machine because of the POS charges they have to pay on each transaction
I only use cc, netbanking and cash, no apps but it seems these days Google Pay is popular.
@shashankb I had a POS machine (Mswipe), and HDFC suddenly hit us with a 500 monthly low usage charge if we're not making enough transactions. People weren't using these machines during the pandemic. And the most annoying part is that they wouldn't give any SMS notification for that 'fee', which is the case for most merchant accounts, so can't really complain. As expected, majority of users returned the machines.
Those MSwipe Calculator like POS devices practically cost them nothing to make and maintain. It doesn't have SIM also. Connects via Bluetooth to phone. They just loot money.
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I use UPI thru banks app only, credit cards & cash in that order if possible.
Suddenly remembered that Amazon Pay is threatening to make my Pay account inactive I don't load money or do kyc. I never even opened that account.

Does one have to load money into Amazon Pay in 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 the options given there? for after clicking on these options it populates another filed where we can make changes. Would it support 100 or 200 bucks via credit card?

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I never really had the utility for it to be honest, I offer services and my clients pay through IMPS or NEFT. The branch forced me to take the machine, because I wasn't willing to open the premium current account with them.

I use Google Pay mostly for the rewards. If these companies (banks included) are making money of me anyways, I'd like to cash in too.

PhonePe doesn't give anything except the app was faster, bank's app is kind of slow. I'm not familiar with BHIM and Paytm's UPI, are they good?
@Samuel so, how does it work actually? If I am paying you Rs 1000 using my credit card, how much exactly do you get after settlement? What exactly is the "terms and conditions" of MDR (point 1)?

The local kirana shop asks me to pay the total bill in parts by using the card multiple times, each 600 or 700 rupees. My dad went to buy jewelleries and the shopkeeper asked him to pay extra 2% for credit and 1% for debit cards. I know that's illegal but he is my mother's friend.