Why is airtel so incompentent

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I two months back bought static ip from airtel as they are shit with their symmetric NAT. Withing 24 hours they did some config and I was having a public facing IP + started getting charged for it in the bill.

Now recently I checked my router and rebooted it and found even though I have a public Ip but that is dynamic and it does not remain the same. On each reboot it changes.
I raised a complaint, the engineer called me and said he will check and call back but after a few hours they marked it resolved from their end but the issue remains the same.

Freaking charging me for two months and still providing a dynamic ip feels like a theft to me and not fixing it shows how incompetent they are.

Symmetric NAT was a problem but they cannot fix this, paid for a static ip then but they freaking cannot do that properly.
And their sms for accepting feedback for SR does not accept a reply from JIO number.

Today also I spent 20 mins fighting with call center operator, they argued I already have a static ip and I kept on saying to schedule a engineer visit in person to check himself. I don't know how hard it is for them to comprehend that not all problems can be fixed by sitting in a remote office over a call.
Raise a complaint on mail with regards to speed issue and get an engineer assigned. Don't say anything to him and let him come home and explain the situation.

What type of config is on your ONU, pppoe or static ip? Because airtel requires manual static ipoe configured to use it, hence technically it's can't really change ip.
I have PPOE @Lolita_Magnum they resolved it from BE in beginning but no one configured it.
Today few hours back an engineer visited, he was fighting with someone on phone to get this complaint to NOC for setting static ip but I could hear the guy on phone say that "Why NOC you have to fix it etc etc". In the end he said NOC team will take this up and will be done by tommorow but lets see.
Im just surprised that it was so hard to get a engineer to visit
Engineer told me that if sent the details would I be able to configure myself but to my surprise airtel has updated the router and disabled everything from editing in WAN page
Yea. If you have an extra router maybe ask to them to enable bridge and use ur own. Much less of a headache that way.

Not just Airtel but over 70% of the employees in Indian Tech companies are incompetent. Sad but true.
The reason is everyone works only in their own little area and there's no real wider knowledge sharing and training by the top management.
Airtel e.g field engineers only know how to join wires, ask them about bridge mode, voip, settings and other config they don't know anything or to hide their lack of knowledge they just bluff or beat around the bush.
I am sorry but your statement is just pure false.
I work in an Indian Tech company too (Japanese by origin actually) but we have heavy bearing on not to overstep our responsibility unless needed plus most employees are seriously underpaid and overtimed.
The very experience ones in such situations prefer switching as it is much easier for them; hence the overall quality of the company falls down as half of the people have not implemented the network originally or are unknown about its capability.
A huge company like airtel is extremely complex in its backend and bothering about one user's static ip will heavy fall short in their priority list.
I am not backing anyone but it is what it is; we as Indians anyway pay way too less for internet than it is worth.
Absolutely pathetic airtel and thieves. Closed my service request again today nobody fixed it, I still don't have a static IP and still am charged.
@Lolita_Magnum is there a way to escalate this to someone higher ?
They had no cooperation in getting bridge mode previously, now they have also blocked the hack for ZTE to allow it.
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Yes did it few 2 hour back @Sayantan and they are and got a reply saying will be fixed in 24 hours. The have refunded static ip charges for the past two months
Another day without static ip. The engineer called to tell my ip and said it was configured but everything was still the same.
Later he visited and saw all the configs and that the ip was still chaning and said will get it checked.

Refuse to provide bridge mode, dont provide full cone NAT and when the customer agress to pay extra for an IP then don't even give that.
1. Since last 6 days my SR to set up VOIP is open. They are not able to setup even VOIP in my router.
To hide their incompetence, they get a Happy code from me and reschdule the SR stating that customer requested to rescheule.
I have highlighted to CEO and net@airtel.com

2. Some of you are asking me from where did I get this 70% number.
It's statistics, the performance assessment in any company is like a bell curve (normal distribution of performance assessment ratings)

It looks like this


The truly performing people constitute only 15% of the population. The other far end is the % of absolute dumb morons.
But most of the average junta is in 34.1% + 34.1% about 70% of population is there because they do brick work. They have no real competence but in line with organizations requirement they meet the bare min expectations and organizations make no effort in improving their capability because they meet the bare min.

e.g. a field engineer from airtel who comes to your home knows nothing but defined procedures and methods like joining and laying wires but ask them about bridge mode, port forwarding, port triggering, opening ports, firewall and he knows absolutely nothing. To make it worst he does not admit that he does not know but makes potentially technically wrong statements.
It's a matter of perspective on this statement of incompetence made by OP.