Why is airtel so incompentent

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@rxuser mail to nodal
Yes did it few 2 hour back @Sayantan and they are and got a reply saying will be fixed in 24 hours. The have refunded static ip charges for the past two months
Another day without static ip. The engineer called to tell my ip and said it was configured but everything was still the same.
Later he visited and saw all the configs and that the ip was still chaning and said will get it checked.

Refuse to provide bridge mode, dont provide full cone NAT and when the customer agress to pay extra for an IP then don't even give that.
1. Since last 6 days my SR to set up VOIP is open. They are not able to setup even VOIP in my router.
To hide their incompetence, they get a Happy code from me and reschdule the SR stating that customer requested to rescheule.
I have highlighted to CEO and [email protected]

2. Some of you are asking me from where did I get this 70% number.
It's statistics, the performance assessment in any company is like a bell curve (normal distribution of performance assessment ratings)

It looks like this


The truly performing people constitute only 15% of the population. The other far end is the % of absolute dumb morons.
But most of the average junta is in 34.1% + 34.1% about 70% of population is there because they do brick work. They have no real competence but in line with organizations requirement they meet the bare min expectations and organizations make no effort in improving their capability because they meet the bare min.

e.g. a field engineer from airtel who comes to your home knows nothing but defined procedures and methods like joining and laying wires but ask them about bridge mode, port forwarding, port triggering, opening ports, firewall and he knows absolutely nothing. To make it worst he does not admit that he does not know but makes potentially technically wrong statements.
It's a matter of perspective on this statement of incompetence made by OP.
Is the shape of the bell curve the same for every company?

I mean... Is it always 15% on either side and 70% in between?

That's right. That's the normal statistical distribution occurring naturally in the world. This is the fundamental principle in HR management based on which the entire performance assessment system is derived in all companies all across.
In the past I've done appraisals for a dozen+ direct reports and indirectly (2nd level) for several dozens reporting into them.

The bell curve is just a theory and as a manager I've had to force fit people into a lower slab just because HR and my boss insisted. So if one were to critically examine the bell curve it would fail to account for hidden and undiscovered talent. We should not be so quick to dismiss latent skills and capabiltiies. Check this: Why Companies are ought to move away from bell curve model

As for lack of knowledge, blame that on our education system and the selection process in higher education & even in IT companies. I held those people who interviewed and hired a duffer responsible and that's how it has been in many corporates for a long time. Rule: Do not hire till you are reasonably sure and don't treat tthis as a tick in the box exercise. Because the team pays the price later on for a laggard's lack of progress.

PS - I've done 360 deg. appraisals too as both appraisee and appraiser. This I believe is a more well rounded method of assessment.
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@rohitks I would say your voip complaint is going to go out in vain most probably. I got a solution for my static ip problem, the engineer after doing everything told to get bridge mode and configure on my own router. They were not too technical prople so were not able to work with my router as there was no training so I agreed to get bridge mode on LAN4 ( which they a few months back denied that it is not possible) and configured it on my own.

The biggest problem currently is the router settings are locked and the engineers cannot change the settings they know and even the customers. And their backend is buggy and each time they push some settings it may or may not work.

Literally they are making their routers unusable and unfixable so bridge mode is the only solution unless airtel fixes the back and forth between field engineers and their backend teams
As a guy who works in IT i agree with @Chip. Except for top tier colleges most of them have backwards course structure and unskilled teachers.
A lot of the students I have met are also of the mindset of "If I do IT I would be able to get some job or another" and they don't really have any interest or work to develop their skills. Faking in interviews, cheating do get them to some position (I saw this this in the interview process of many companies that it is very easy to do) but then they become a liability for a team.

They do come cheap but are also the biggest headaches and create the biggest mess that someday someone else has to clean after they leave for something better. For some people I even wonder how the hell did they clear the interview but well this the current situtation, what can we do.