Wifi Dongle now available for Rs. 300

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Just got an alert saying the dongle is now priced at 300.
Interesting findings from the FAQ page (http://www.tataskyplus.com/vod-faqs.html)
>As an introductory offer, from 1 June to 15 June, USB Wi-Fi Dongles will be sold at Rs 100. But from 16 June, the price will revert to Rs 300.
>The USB Dongle can only be used with Tata Sky+ HD set top box.
Can this be true? The device is from Netgear so it should be possible to perhaps unlock it and run it other devices.

Anyway, Rs. 300 sounds like a fair price for it. I have requested them to install it. Let's see how it goes.
Maybe the only working on TS+ HD meant that it wont work on other TS boxes.Liks TS+ has USB port too..maybe someone would try that 😛
I did not get any message on the RS 100 dongle through the regular message path. Even at Rs 300, it is value for money. With wifi STB, I can move the router to a better place to fill weak signal areas, I will still need a dongle for the samsung series5 tv for watching videos. Both TS stb and samsung tv are now connected by cables to router.
Worth investing, I think.
Any idea if it works with my Digisol wifi adaptor? any particular settings required?
my Belkin wifi adapter didn't work, so bought this Rs. 300 adapter from Tata Sky. STB detected the device as soon as we plugged it in & gave options for config but nothing happens when i connect the belkin adapter
OK & the good news is that this dongle works with my computer as well, it's not device locked:

the device is at a steal price considering the current market price
Not a cheap one either, signal is good at a distance & even has "dual frequency bands" support & 2x2 MIMO speeds upto 300 Mbps with support for all standards 802.11 a/b/g/n (Hence backward compatible with all routers)

300mbps in Rs.300? Give me a link where I can buy this online because my laptop supports 72mbps only so my 300mbps router is not yet tested at it's full potential.
300 Mbps can be achieved by changing the router / wireless card settings in most cases. By default you only connect at 72 or 150 Mbps. Try researching online or contact your router manufacturer