Windows Phone 8.1

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You know how it goes, you buy a phone on eBay, and it comes with a developer / pre-release version of a major mobile OS. Well, if these images are to be believed, that's at least what happened to one bargain-hunting Windows Phone fan. The screenshots -- said to be taken from a Nokia 920 -- show Windows Phone 8, but with a few new tweaks and features. Most notable, will likely be the notifications, but other tidbits include App list ordering based on frequency of use, week view in the calendar and the option to kill apps from the multitask screen. The phone reports a build number of: 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407 leading some to infer that this version could have been compiled sometime in May. A tease of something to come? As always, hard to tell, but expect the price of second-hand 920s to bump up a little, for the next few weeks at least.
I guess it is Microsoft's turn to start the Xerox machine.
That Chinese guy should have charged more, at least amount enough to buy Galaxy S4 + Blackberry Z10, and also get Lumia 920 from MS to return the prototype device 😀
Gizmodo guy was not willing to give away the prototype phone. So Apple took action against him.
But this guy was willing to give the phone, and MS was willing to pay. I guess MS could have paid whatever amount he demanded 😀
Gizmodo made a fair demand to return the phone. That Apple admit that it was a legit prototype and something else. Anyways. Today's Apple would probably not take such drastic actions.
Some missing (which are also obvious) features named for WP8.1-
- A highly requested notification-center feature will be added to the software. New quick settings are exposed by a short swipe from the top, and a longer swipe will display a full notification history in current beta versions of Windows Phone 8.1.
- Another key feature in the upcoming 8.1 update is the inclusion of "Cortana," a personal digital assistant. Microsoft will replace the existing Bing search on Windows Phone to allow users to interact using voice or text input.
- Separate volume controls are finally being added to Windows Phone 8.1, allowing users to control ringtone volume independently of media playback.
- Microsoft is also adding Bing Smart Search results that are similar to Windows 8.1.
- VPN support for enterprise users.
- In keeping with plans to update the video and music parts of Windows Phone more regularly, Microsoft is also separating out the built-in music hub in Windows Phone 8.1. Xbox Music and Xbox Video will ship as separate apps for 8.1.
- Microsoft is also planning to allow social apps like Twitter and Facebook to extend the People Hub even further in Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia is readying two handsets for the OS update. One particular device, codenamed "Goldfinger," will include a "3D Touch" system that detects off-the-glass interactions. Nokia’s second handset, codenamed "Moneypenny," will take advantage of the new on-screen Windows Phone 8.1 buttons that are available to device makers with Microsoft’s latest update.
It was already said but maybe should be mentioned once more to make it a little clearer. The long awaited battery percentage indicator is finally there, and also well implemented. While simply adding it to the status bar would disturb the minimalistic Windows Phone design a little bit, it is added directly under the battery icon when you pull down the status bar to get to the notification center. Additionally now the date is also shown under the clock and the operator is also displayed.
Microsoft’s $15 million investment in Foursquare will soon result in product changes in the coming months. Bloomberg News reports that the deal will be used for location data and services that are part of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update. The software maker is currently beta testing a “Cortana” personal assistant in Windows Phone 8.1, named after the same character found in Halo. Foursquare’s data will help Cortana push out tips, discounts, and suggestions based on location.
While Microsoft isn’t commenting on Windows Phone 8.1 or Cortana, Microsoft’s Zig Serafin has revealed to Bloomberg News that Foursquare’s data will be used in future Windows Phone software. “We’re building some contextually aware experiences to power some upcoming products in Windows Phone,” Serafin said. “This will be for anywhere you get a Bing-powered experience.” Some recent rumors had suggested Cortana would be restricted to the US market initially, but it appears Microsoft will likely bring the personal assistant to countries where Bing is present.
Microsoft’s Cortana work in Windows Phone 8.1 is largely focused on context, rules, and signals. Data from alarms, calendar, weather apps, calls, and even whether a device is charging, can all be fed into the service to provide notifications and context around Windows Phone use. Early screenshots of Microsoft’s Cortana system showed that the company is testing location polling, and pulling data from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Home and work location data, and favorite contacts will also play a big part in Cortana, providing more relevant and improved search results.
This is leaked screenshot of Windows Phone's Notification Center which would be known as Action Center.