Yuk services of sify, can anone help?


Hi,I am very bugged of Sify Braodband.My account for not active for the last 20-25 days.Then i decided to buy the 256 kbps unltd. pack on 30th Sep , 2005. I paid Rs 1095 + Rs 100 to my CTO. Instead of renewing my account with the Q10 pack SIFY guys renewed my account with the 64 kbps pack. (qau1 ) , worth Rs 495. Then i logged a compliant at your customer care and also told my CTO about this issue.On 1st sep , SIFY didn't replace (didn't deactivate the earlier pack and activate the 256 kbps) the package , but pipelined my 256 kbps package which can be used only once this package is over. This means i will have to wait for another 30 days for this crappy package to get over, whereas i have already paid a handsome amount (Rs 1200/-).I seek immediately deactivation of the current 64 kbps pack with the 256 kbps pack. (so that i may start using the 256 kbps pack right now.) I have spoken thousand times with SIFY CCEs , but they don't understand either English or Hindi..Hope you guys have understood my problem.can anyone tell me wut can(shld) i do now?Thanks,zadusimple
u hav made a profit of Rs.495
Only solution is dont pay for Rs 495 pack. Also Keep downloading on the 495 pack and ur validity will get reduced so u will exhaust the 495 pack and be able to use 1095 pack
be smart, be an indian....finish up the 64kbps pack.....use it judiciously. Don't go on downloadin, think abt the 150mb limit for day and then there is that unlimited thingy from 10 PM to 8AM.....use up all, don't leave anythin.in other sense, make them feel bad about giving you a sify connection.
man, this is a problem whenever u change the plan on the same ID...those guys just don't seem to understand what exactly the user wants...same thing happened to me, but in my case, i was safe that i didn't pay them by that time...but as u've already made the payments, just use it (judiciously or what, that's up to) and use it till both of them are exhausted and dump Sify after that!!! 😀
man y do u guys always pay firsti have never in my over 2 years with sify have i paid before i can still remember the good old days when i used 2 have accountsi used to have my payments delayed for over a monthbut now a days i can't.sometimes even the collection agent forgot about it for a month or 2 but then he used to always somehow remember that i hadn't paid himthese daysevery month when i have got my account renewed and when the collection agent came for money 1or2 days after i have always delayed paying him by making some excuse or otherand i have on twice got my recharge cancelled that the dumb cc had done with my permision as i had to change my planand on first of those 2 occasions i had started using the plan also. thats how i came to know that my account was recharged i had just accidently logged in and the pack was started and i even used it for 2 days and then got it cancelled and got my other plan. i just refused to payu see guys the key to all these feats was i HAD NOT PAID. U see ur CTO can change everything he can even stop ur account and remove the recharge even if u started using it.so never pay before u have ur account recharged and never tell that cc to recharge do it personally by calling ur cto or requesting one from the BB client for the explicit plan u want not by credit card but by cash that ur cto agent would come to collect.

They don't understand any language, whether you abuse them profusely or not. It's a mind game they play with you. Your best option is to shame their ISP and blackmail them, find ways to screw them. Then when another ISP comes to your area, leave. 🙂
Agree to him 101% 😉 Also first sify had a system where, the renuval was done by CC.. but now u call them up and then their agent calls u up.The best solution to ur problem is always have 2-3 sify id's, I have 3!! B) What i do is renew 1 id every month, by that time the agent call me on my another no for renewal.. I dont answer the calls, they renew it automatically...I use it fullyto in my another pc... do bhari downloading.. And./. when he comes to ask for money I say did i ask for renewal??? I was out of india 😉 .. I am not responsible if u people renew and someone misuses it in my place! B)
It doesn't make a tad bit of diff if you have already paid, really, just ask the CC to disable the 64 acct. I have such a problem almost every coiuple of months, I just continue downloading on the 64 kbps pack until they cancel it, coz I aint gonna pay for it anyways so might as well misuse ot. Generally they cancel the pack within a couple of days time.