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I have just got my new Hathway 150mbps connection in Bangalore. Sales representative had mentioned about providing free installation and free router. But the cable connection person has connected a ZTE f660 modem+router and mentioned this is the default device provide to everyone.
Now that the connection is activated, getting only 50mbps speed on WiFi.

Does Hathway provide a dual band router for 150 mbps plans in Bangalore? If not, what is the point of 150mbps pack and the free router promise.
Hathway's speeds are assured keeping in mind LAN access and not Wifi. If you can try to connect to the modem with the LAN, it should give close to the promised speed. For me, I had the same issue. I just bought a Tenda dual band wifi router and was able to get the promised speed on the 5ghz band. Apparently they provide dual band routers only with enterprise connections and it will take a while to come to home users.

If it's still not able to get these speed please call their tech support.
Hathway modem converts the optical signal from the ONT to LAN/Wifi, so the hathway cable from the ONT cannot be directly plugged into an external router.
I did the following: Hathway modem WAN->Tenda router LAN. Also disabled Hathway modem's wifi so that the devices pick up the Tenda wifi signal.
@balaji345 Bro which Tenda router you using? I am planning to buy one for my Hathway broadband connection. Could you please suggest which one to buy. Also, in total so we need to use three devices is it? Hathway modem WAN to Hathway Wifi Router WAN to the LAN of new Dual Band Wifi Router? Is it?
I have this model:

The above more than fulfils my requirement. Another popular one is the below TP-Link model:

In fact you can go for any dual band router with at least AC 1200. Yes there will be 1. Optical receiving and conversion ONT, 2. Hathway's single band modem+router and 3. Our dual band router.

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@balaji345 thanks mate. Will buy in few days. One question though. Why can't we skip the default hathway wifi router in this scenario? Can't we just connect our new wifi router to the hathway modem? & As you suggesting we connect all three devices in which LAN port of hathway wifi router is connected to the LAN port of our new wifi router, then won't the speed will be capped to 100mbps only?
Hi, The device provided by Hathway is a Modem cum router. This converts the optical signal into the Lan/ Wifi signal needed for our net access. Since this router is single band with restricted wireless speed, the recommendation to attach an additional Dual band wifi router for better speed. For real world usage (Limited streaming, office work, routine net access), the modem cum router provided by Hathway is sufficient.
Speed depends upon the line speed. The hathway modem restricts the wifi access speed as per 2.4 Ghz, but the LAN port supports higher speed, which you can realize in the external router.
Im not a technical person, hope the above helps.