Abysmal Torrent Speed on Excitel Broadband

Is Excitel block Torrents? Iam not able to connect anny seeder on any torrent from past 1 week.
diable firewall but same problem.
Contact CC & got a pathetic answer....we provide peering on youtube blah blah and put my complaint on hold 🙁
@Ouch can answer you better.
I do all my torrenting through VPN so haven't faced any issue. Would check again and confirm.
While I tried to use torrent with a free VPN Cyberghost...... but was not able to get any connections...... though seeds and peers were there....

without VPN.... it was very fast..... 3.4mBps....

any free VPN recommendation... which would be useful for torrents....
If you are using VPN, you will not benefit from Peering speed for Torrents that are locally available.

And NO, we don't block anything.

I had this problem. I have a MTNL connection as well and so when I connected to it, torrents seemed to be working fine. What I figured out was that there are two reasons as to why this happens.
  1. Torrent Client
    I was using transmission on linux and was facing problems on excitel but when I started using Deluge things started going well. So you might want to try different clients.
  2. Torrent
    I also found that some torrents were not downloading(despite having good health) so I tried different torrent containing the same content and was able to download it normally. So you might also want to take a look at this.
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The torrent client should not matter much but maybe some messed up settings triggered the issue. It's good to know that after change of Client things improved.

If you provide us with a site/URL for which you are not getting speed at all, we can check it and see if we are able to identify a real problem
It could have been that but my friend who is not in the same area as me faced the exact same problem. I was using link-removed.to for the magnet links. I haven't tried any other site recently.