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i have been stuck with sify 64 unlimited for now,i really fed with these guys service hopeless.i stay in bangalore,we have the 256 unlimited introduced here recently,thought of going for this plani have a few queries,will:Torrents work (Bwt,DCT,DT)MircDc++ ???these r most important things,if these wont work then no used taking the connectionalso i wat airtel modem should i take ??? i heard beetel 220 bx is best for p2p & port forwarding ??any other perticular problems bangalore guys pls point out.also wat speeds will u get on 256 unlimited ?? 28 - 30 kbps ?? will be 256 up & 256 down or its all together 256 ??hope u guys can give feedbackthnx a ton
Definitely go for the plan if you are on Sify right now!!!

You can expect speeds around 26 - 27 KB/s (though from what I hear speeds in Bangalore are better - maybe more around 30 KB/s). If the double speed at night thing is applicable in Bangalore, then you can expect around 50 KB/s (maximum 60 Kb/s) at night.

The upto 256 kbps they talk about it downstream... I believe the upstream should be anywhere between 64 kbps and 128kbps (though currently my upstream is going to about 256 kbps!).

p2p, torrents etc. all work, but AFAIK you are correct that the 220bx is the best modem for port forwarding etc. that Airtel offers (am thinking of shifting to it myself!).

The only warning I would give you is that at least in Delhi, the browsing speed is much slower than the max speed you get. i.e. when I just browse sites, the speed never goes beyond 18-20 KB/s, but if I am downloading files (http) then it may reach upto 30 KB/s.... don't know what is going on there, and I am not sure whether Bangalore is affected by this problem.
Hi chocs,I am also from Bangalore and have been on Airtel’s home 999 plus plan for the past 6 months now. I don’t know about others but my experience with Airtel has not been very good. Their CC sucks; so don’t expect much from them. For e.g. I tried to get them to temporarily disconnect my connection for a short period (which is allowed by them) but after numerous calls and mails (for which I never received any reply), I gave up. They have already replaced my modem 4 times, until their dumb technicians figured out the problem was never in the modem, and I had to go without a connection for 4 days, and my D-Link was taken away from me. 🙁 I get daytime avg. of 20-25kbps and touches 29 kbps, if lucky. And the uploading speeds are roughly the same for me. Browsing is slower however. Unlike in other places, here in Bangalore there is no night doubling of speeds on the home 999 plus plan. You can connect to torrents, Dc++ etc. but will have to do port forwarding (which is possible on beetel 220bx) i.e. if you want to get better speeds. And on Dc++ I am able connect only on passive mode (perhaps someone here can help me out on that). Live streaming is a problem esp. on high quality stations (live etc). I get buffering message constantly if I try to browse while playing the Internet radio. Remember that Airtel practices bandwidth throttling on its unlimited plans, as many people have also experienced in this forum, included myself. Therefore you do too much downloading and expect very slow speeds the next day. You are getting an “upto” 256 k connection, your calling their CC will not help as they only promise speeds of above 128k on a 256 k unlimited connection. Downtime is uncommon, but not like it never happens.Also remember that Airtel is not available in every area therefore check with them first. BSNL is also rolling out its unlimited plans for the same price (as the rumors go)…therefore that can be another option for you.
thnx for ur feedbac guys...yeah i know about Bsnl unlimited 256i am Now confused between Airtel 256 999 plan & Bsnl 990 256 unlimited ...both pricing r the same ...which is better of the two ??? i heard Bsnl guys r real dumb & give bad supportas far i know thr is no capping of bandwith by bsnl ,correct me if i am wrong friends do get 30 -32 kbps on thr 256 plani need some advice on i am tired of this dumb sify..i have no words to describe themalso Bsnl always give 256 + bandwidth thats wat i heard
things might change with the introduction of unlimited plans. no one has tested it yet and not many have subscribed to it.
QUOTE(Sushubh @ May 6 2006, 02:21 AM) [snapback]50360[/snapback]
no one has tested it yet and not many have subscribed to it.
Make that been able to subscribe to it yet

I'd go for airtel, you will get 25KB/s day or night, or if you want to give it a few more months to see what ppl on BSNL think.

BSNL needs to advertise that plan so that Airtel notices it and doubles the speed for their subscribers 😀
Hehehe..... rightly said!But I don't think Airtel actually will. They have this so-called double speeds at night offer everywhere in India except for Chandigarh. And when I asked their technician.... he was lie, Airtel toh bakwaas hai, koi aur connection lo!! 😛