AirTel and Happy Code Connection Activation

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Should I get my connection activated ..?

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So on 12th of January, I was approached by AirTel team, and was told that they've started giving out fiber connections in my city am I interested..?
Me being me said.. Why the hell not..It's not like Jio is launching anytime soon with their ongoing case in the HC. So i went with it, and on 14th Jan morning i was told that the fiberline in your area is now live, so i quickly jumped at the opportunity and paid for 3 months in advance the Rs.1499 plan. and on 17th Jan one person came and pulled the fibre to my house, the very next day evening another guy came and spliced it and gave me the standard Nokia router. Late that night the installer came and started the connection it was initially 100Mbps and as he was setting it up he came across an issue where i just wouldn't get the Happy Code he so needed, after trying for 1-2hr he left at 9:30 PM, told me he'll try the next day and I can use the Internet to my liking. next day he called me asking whether I had gotten the happy code, to which I honestly replied No... and ever since then, It is about to be a full week, I still haven't gotten a Happy code, he doesn't call me, My connection shows up as not activated in My Airtel, and the owner who's giving out the connections and told me did you receive any code, I told him no, he said use it to your hearts will, it's companies loss .. anyway..

So now I'm in a dilemma, I was planning to use my AirTel's OTT Hotstar sub instead of re-subscribing my own account, but now that's not the case. So now I'm in a situation where my mind is like let it be, and sub Hotstar or use the one provided with BSNL connection, and my heart is like contact AirrTel to help with the case and get my connection activated.

Also BSNL guys somehow managed to mess up my mobile no, from 4203 to 9203 .. So i kinda have to visit them to get it fixed and it's a headache contacting them.
what exactly is this happy code ? and whats the relevance ?
That means OP is enjoying free internet, good for you. But how come your connection is working if it is not activated? A SIM card never works unless it's activated and verified over a call.
My guess is at some point, they have a temporary plan activated, so the installer can use the WiFi to smoothly complete the procedure..
Visit Airtel office once maybe ?