Airtel broadband bill due date got revised


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Its showing last months paid bill as unpaid and due date as 13th which usually is 22nd of every month.

Really confusing no way to contact airtel.

Should i pay it now or should i wait ?


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When does the bill normally generate. From the screenshot it looks like the 2nd/3rd of every month. My past experience tells me that their system shows weird information around the billing dates. Check on 5th and you should get a clear picture.
Well at least they have corrected the billing period and it doesn't say overdue any more.
But the due date has changed from 22nd of every month to 13th which is odd.

Has anyone else's due date change from 20 days from bill generation days to 10 ?

Doesn't look like it.


No , I meant the due date after the bill has been generated.
Like my bill gets generated on the 2nd or 3rd and the due date was always the 22nd of that month (20 days).
Now its the 13th of this month (10 days).

Due to lockdown i think their Customer support is greatly affected. No way to make contact with them. Guess will have to wait.
they replied to my dm earlier today asking for more information. no response. just want to get an idea when they plan to open stores.