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Airtel users and network enthusiasts, I have been an Airtel copper broadband customer for 4 years and a deeply troubled one, with 8 mbps connection getting disconnected every 1-2 week.
Airtel has now launched fiber infrastructure in my area, but being bitten once, I am being a bit skeptical and investigative before opting for them.
The master fiber box (Big Blue FAT box) is 150 mtrs away from my house. They have committed to install a smaller OTP blue box near my house, but I understand that the smaller box would have higher split ratio. Each FAT box gives 16 connections and an OTP box takes 1 connection out of this 16 and splits into 4/6 connections, per my understanding.
Looking to receive views from informed users in this group, if they have come across same issue and what are their experiences!
See below image of two boxes (larger one is FTP)


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Fiber will be hands down better
@vishalrao @JB701 Thanks for your response. Just to be clear, its not a copper vs Fiber question. Both boxes are part of Airtel's fiber network. Its a question of sturdiness of infrastructure, when customer premises is 150 - 200 mtrs away from main junction box in a residential colony and how FAT - OTP box connection split will impact speed/uptime for end customer. Hope this is helpful.
It is not possible to tell how the split will impact the speed without knowing the optical power level at the FAT box as the GPON theoretically supports up to 128 splits, but the speeds will be fine as long as the power level at ONT is greater than -27 dBm.
Your fiber wiring will probably be overheard meaning you will face occasional cuts in wire and downtimes, and worse if there is some malicious people intentionally cutting wires.

Other than that, there should be no effect on speeds, you should get good speeds most of the time. It is Airtel after all.