Airtel ftth not available in any bungalow society?

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Tata Play 1 gbps, Microscan 500 mbps and PDPL 300 mbps.
Airtel person told me that they don't provide connections to any bungalow society as per company policy, is this true?
Bunglow society?? Care to elaborate?
Are you talking about multi-storey society with more than 4 floors?
If it is, then they will need NOC from chairman to lay underground cable.
More importantly, they need to be present in your area.
Bungalow society means all independent houses, not multi storey buildings.
I reached out to them on Twitter and they asked me to email 121, so waiting for their response.

But wanted any inputs here if possible
Nothing like that, I know, some row house society in Wakad, where Extreame fiber is available.
If you need Area manager contact, i can help u.