Aksh BB users in Hyderabad

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wow. 90 GB a month is more than enough for me! biggrin.gif

Dude ders nuthin like 90 GB a month package.....!!

Dey jus got only 1 unlimited package of 64Kbps..rest all are limited package...!!

@ PITA::contact.... Mr Jitu on 9391062794....
Also dude..I tried loggin thru ur Alternative client as u have mentioned...I m not able to open that UDP FLooder...Can u send me that S/W...( I m on Win XP + SP2)..Thanx in advance..

@ IZZY:: Dude think hard b4 changin coz dese Local Cable wallas cannot b trusted...
I m facing hell lotta problem wid my Beam Cable.Earlier had Sify(It also sux...but better den Beam...at least dey dont block ports)....
I suggest wait for Airtel...me also waiting for dat..!
This is their real website in Hyderabad http://aksh.in/

They suck

Best are Airtel(slow) and SIfy(fast)
Presently, I have Tata indicom Broadband ( Hyderabad) connection which is subsidary of VSNL , The speed and Customer Service really SUCKS. U call the call centre and they promise u that your problem will be solved the next day latest by 11:30 am. Well, even after months of continously reminding them every fortnight nothing happens. All u get is false promises. From past 2 months they have been saying that they are undergoing some migration which is an excuse, but this is worst service I have ever seen. These people are existing because of the name they are putting up with as VSNL. People my suggestion is not to go to this service even if this is only connection u have at ur location, which I am facing. In my location I have only this provider and there is an other local service provider. I think it is better to go with the local provider rather then going with this tata indicom service. It really sucks. And more over my diary is completely filled with complaint no.So next time anyone wants a net connection, I, would suggest to go with Airtel. This is the best service i have seen which i used in bangalore for almost 1.5 years. Unfortunately I dont have this in my location.
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i have been using tis conn for 2 months now. i am using the 64kbps unlmtd pack due to my hi dwnlds. earlier it was giving gud speeds around 15-19 kBps dwnd, but recently they hav reduced speed to 7kBps dwnld and 6kBps upload.
do they hav ne other hi-speed unlmtd pack? and guys wat r u paying for ur conns?
i pay 400 for the 64kbps conn
Dear katpasin,
I ve been using the same connec. since last month my package is the same as of u. and i am encountering the problems of hiving limited or no conectivity frequently. Hw to fix this yaar. Pls suggest me. The local one is not responding to me.
AKSH BB technical support : 23551437(out of order for quite a long time), 23551438.

mention ur locality and ur problem.

generally petty probs can be solved by them.

contact the local distributer only wen u c ur ip as 16x.xxx.xxx.xxx i.e starts wit 16 (u can type ipconfig in dos and check)

if ur lan ip is like 172.xxx.xxx.xxx ,, thn u r connected to the gateway.and probs r from the server side.

also try pinging to check for packet loss..

ping www.yahoo.co.in -t u shud get a response in about 20-21ms.. i hav noticed a lot of packet loss for past 3 weeks.but they dont take users seriously, until they receive multiple complaints.

rite now i hav changed to 2mbps 1gb nite unlimited plan and use about 60GB of data a month atleast 😛
hi there i live in hyd too
here is the aksh Broadband site...in hyd see their tariff plans,...they rock...check out the speeds
when i call the aksh guys they say we hav stopped new connections plz wait for 15 days and call again....
this is the case since 2 months....
wat abt u guys..

yeah those r the plans.. add another rs100 for those plans for taxes and distributors cut.and the 2gb+ nite unlmtd plans r not provided by most distributors.so the best plan u can get is the 1gb+ nite unlmtd for rs500.. my pack runs for about 20days.
Using it for 1 month

It sux

package taken : 2MBps speed 2GB download plus nite time (11 - 6) free

got many disconnections especialy DNS server timeouts

Speeds in IE are 30KB/s
Speeds in download manager are 250KB/s (file split - 8)

Speed in Torrents - 40 - 70KB/s ( only in www.imtorrents.com getting 250KB/s speed ) using azureus

its not at all quality 2MBps speed

the video streaming will be just like a 256kbps connection only.

and its good if u want to download large data using download manager.It rox there.
Downloaded 700MB of data in 1 hr in download manager.

Same in torent also (imtorrents only)
speed has nevr been a prob except wen dwnlding from the browser itself.

speeds on torrents depends on no. of seeds and leechers.

imtorrents has a gud no of seeds and less leechers. so u get gud speeds thr. try ne private english tracker. u wuld get ur full 256kBps.

and ya lotz of time outs happening these days. QoS has been worst since last 1 month.

u can always keep spamming [email protected]. tats wat i am doing for last few days. sending screens of pings wit heavy packet loss.

also keep complaining at 23551438 - aksh tech support
ok starting mail bomber with 2 things1)screenshot of heavy packet loss and very less speed in browser2)request for 5GB 2MBps speed plan as 1GB is not at all enuf