Annoying e-flyer while browsing

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Hi, How to get rid of this eflyer while browsing


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this should be happening only on http websites. most of the popular web these days is http so this has become less frequent over the years. one easy way is to use cloudflare warp on the mobile if the website you are loading is http only.

or you can just use NextDNS? advising people to buy a pi to just use pihole is really terrible advice. unless of course, pihole can do what nextdns does not offer currently. except for making things extremely complicated and it would be painful to use it on mobile device outside your home network, a problem nextdns does not have.

and bsnl keeps on changing the server used to push these ads. this problem is very limited in scope so it's not like these ips would get added to popular blocklists immediately or ever. using warp on mobile phones is just simpler when you have to deal with http domains.
I was using the OpenDNS and then switched to NextDNS . both will solve your problem . Just change the DNS from ONT or router
I am sure this feels very annoying and makes BSNL look like a cheap ISP .