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using azirevpn on my pi now through wireguard. pia does not officially support cli wireguard right now afaik and openvpn consumes way too much resources on my pi2. it has been pretty good so far. asian presence is very limited. no server in india. so not suitable if you are looking for a wide range of locations. would be keeping an yee on it for the next couple of weeks and then decide whether to renew my pia subscription in august.
so far so good. it has been pretty stable and speeds are quite good too. the only issue is that the way it is configured on my pi, internet completely stops working when it hangs (or disconnects?). with openvpn i just ran a while loop so it automatically reconnected when connection dropped. would have to find a way to do something simialr on azire/wireguard but not really a big deal.
so i checked out their windows app today. was not very intuitive. first it asked me to install microsoft windows desktop runtime. and then found out that the windows app was quite basic. just pick a location and connect. not configuration nothing. it also blocked access to lan.

switched to official wireguard app. works great. wireguard app uses config files which can be edited to allow lan access. so would be using this over the official app.
Just saw their website. They offer some IPs called as Public IP. Can you check if their basically giving away a public IP for each user w/ all ports unlocked/forwarded?
We do not provide dedicated IP addresses. However, we provide public IP addresses in each location. These IP addresses are assigned from a pool to only one user at the same time and have all their ports opened. The assigned IP address does not change until any disconnection from the service.

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New Price: 10 € per month

No existing customers will be affected by the change in pricing. Ever. As a 'thank you!', we will not be changing the pricing for users who have activated a subscription prior to 2022-10-24.
it was half that so far right?


For example, if you paid 3.25 € per month before October 24th, 2022, you will only ever pay 3.25 € per month for the rest of your life.

they hiked it three times. wtf.
Nope. They didn't. It was 5. 3.25 is the price if you buy for 2 years.