Broadband In Hyderabad

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Just wanna know as to which ISP i should choose...i live in Mehdipatnam....Airtel's not here yet..i have MPBB 70Kbps(Mehdipatnam BB) with a bad login system..keeps logging out...>.>...i want 256Kbps minimumi heard some bad stuff about Beam, no idea about if anyone knows...please suggest me a good one 🙂
I believe that BSNL and Airtel are important ISPs here
in Hyderabad . if one is not available then try the other !

you might have heard that BSNL has downloading speed
of 256kbps to 2 mbps . And you may see the following link :
if u r in a hurry, BSNL might not be an option for u. they hav stopped taking applications.. i had applied for bsnl on jan2 still waiting for conn.. they say work order has been issued , but due to lack of equipment in their exchange they r not abe to provide any more connections.. they said it would take atleast another 1 month for me to get the conn.
ah....well i will wait then...will place an order for BSNL..but then again i believe we need a BSNL phone connection for it...ah i need a BSNL phone connection told me that it'd take 1-2 months for it be able to provide BB in Mehdipatnam...even BSNL will take that amount of time...i guess i'll wait for some more time then~Thanks for the replies 😀