Can i help you

Is it "Can i" or "Can you"?
Mr Sharma are u really a Sify representative? i have lots of problems with my Sify BB connection. If u really are a sify rep, u r welcome to have our suggestions and problems sorted outBut 1st plz confirm who u are and how can u help us

Yes, Mr.Sharma, I would like to know more about the nature of your business on this forum. Also, how can you help people having Sify broadband with their problems?P.S.: Those who have Sify connections _dont_ reveal your login info in any of your communication to Sify or Mr.Sharma. No admin or support staff needs your username / password or any "private" credentials except your name or possibly your account no. to "troubleshoot" your problems.
SImple solution to all problems : Close down Sify and let the problem solve itself 😉.and btw which part of the word `unlimited` doesn't Sify understand :?:
Originally posted by boygr8@Nov 23 2005, 09:37 PM
can we reveal our user ids

yes mine is

Username: cancer10
Password: ***********
Port: 81
Hi, I am not a Sify representative,But i know the technical Problems those are create in it, so you tell me about your problem, i think that your problem is sorted out, and your location.
y did u arrive so late mr sharma? or is it that u quit sify as it is sold out?