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Reliance Netconnect+
I was using wired broadband for nearly 2yrs, now i have shifted my house, my new house is in the same area of old one, same pin code. My new house is just in opposite street to the old one less than a minute walk from my old house. I have raised a request for relocation on 11th june, i called them back on 16th june, CCR told me that they have not got any feedback from their technical team, now again i called them back today, to my surprise they are saying that reliance connection is not possible in my new area . come on, i have just move to opposite street and they are saying connection is not possible?? 😛issed-off: . when i ask the CCR to check with pin code, he says connection is there but no port available.....WTF is happening....
Were you using Metro Ethernet before? Seemingly, they only provide it if they have an EDP (Electronic Distribution Point) close to where you want the connection. If the distance is too much, they buckle out saying "the wire won't reach your house," or that "a port isn't available."
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