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I have the 128kb ultd plan from Airtel. During day hours I get speeds of only 40-50kps 🙁 Downlaod speeds are only 3-5kps 🙁 But after 10 I get good speeds. 90-100kps.Whats happening? I complained to customer care but so far nothing happened.
more people online during the day time. for me i do notice fast speeds at night. but if i download using a download manager, i still manage 10K+ speeds on my 128k line.
You have the same problem? During day time? I usualy don use any download manager, SO I get only 3-5K. Without a download manager how much do you get?
around 10-12. getting less speeds during the day is expected as most offices and commerical buildings are on. though 3-4 on a 128kbps is low. the lowest u should get is 1/2 the specified speed. and please read below... look at the footer look at the footer look at the footer look at the footer | | v
I got the 128k ul airtel connection in early dec. late dec, my daytime speed drops to 40-45kb/s. night time is 75-80kb/s. so after some complaining and no response, I switch to 64k ul. Here I get 45k. After airtel's new plans come out, I move to 256k 1gb. 3 days after switching, the speed during the day goes down to 80-140k during the day. during the night(after 1 am) it is 180-200k. Having had enough of this airtel bulls*it, I moved to bsnl and am quite happy now.I talked to airtel technical about these problems and they said that speeds are UPTO 64k, 128k, and 256k. They do not guarantee you will get the full speeds.
Hmmmm.... interesting, considering that Airtel's campaign used to be "upto 512 kbps".... I think they have stopped saying that these days (surprise, surprise!).... It's laaaaame of them to say that Home 128 is upto 128kbps.....

I thought i was only 1 having slow speed.I am getting download speed upto 8 kB/sec , I am on a 64 k connection.But seems little satisfied after hearing 3-5 kb/s 😛