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I got my BNSL B.B disconnected on 30'th of last month to go for Airtel. TO my luck, the next day, I came to know that Bsnl had come out with it's unlimited plan too. Anyway, My problem is that I get disconnected b/w 6 and 6:15pm EVERYDAY and get the connection back only at about 7am. I just loose the link suddenly. The modem keeps rebooting. I tried pinging a site and I get like about 10 lines of 'Unreachable' about 4 "timed out" and 2-3 lines of good reply.I am using the modem I bought from Bsnl "UTstar" An airtel guy came down yesterday and suggested of all the things " the copper wire must be too thin and must be getting cold"???? He rewired it and then left his Beetel modem overnight for me to check if I still get d/cAnyone else facing this problem?
nope... no such problem.

Is the UTstar modem USB or Ethernet?

Do you mean cold or old?

What happened with the Beetel modem? If it didn't disconnect, then the problem is with UTstar.. if it disconnected then Airtel needs to figure it out and fix it.

Also since this is a time related thing, it might be worth checking out whether you have any scheduled tasks that are causing this problem.

Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Scheduled Tasks and see if there are any tasks there which start around 6 am.
Well Vebmetal, mine is the Ethernet.And yeah 😀 he said "Cold" I found it really amusing. I faced the same problem with the Beetel modem. That one, was a USB modem. Anyway, I got a call from him later in the evening that the copper wiring near the exchange might need replacing. So, according to him, that will be done today. I told him that I only loose the link. I don't have any problem making calls. It seems that the net connection is of a higher frequency and so, might be facing problems. I will take him to task if I loose it again today. Btw, there's no scheduled tasks on my computer. I had a few when I had the Bsnl connection to dial and hang up at 2am and 8am respectively. But, it's not there anymore. Besides, I have the password on the modem. So I can keep the computer off and still know if I have the link or not as the light keeps blinking and stabilizes only in the morning.That's it for now