Download / Post Latest Modem Firmware Here

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Members are invited to post the latest firmwares available for their modem as soon as they are available...

I am starting this thread so that everybody is aware of the latest firmware for their modem and also to keep them updated...

Here are a few firmwares that I have which you could use to update the firmware of your modem. Plz don't flash your modem with some other modem's firmware :blink: or you'll be in big trouble.

To update firmware

1) Open your modem's control panel by typing the ip address of your modem which is
2) Logon to your modem using the username: admin and password: admin (please note that this is the default username and password of your modem... If not changed)
3) Goto Tools ---> Firmware upgrade
4) Click on browse and select the file with the extension .XDSL which is available in the zip/rar file
5) Donot touch your modem until it gets updated with your new firmware.

Download MT880 firmware dated July 2005

Download MT841 firmware dated Dec 2005[/b]

NOTE: Firmware upgrade gives you faster booting up of your modem, I have experienced it in my modem (Type IV - MT841) now I get the link faster than before...
Is the MT841 firmware stable?????
Yes this is a stable version and I am using it now... There was another beta release in the middle 2006 for MT841 but it was said to be unstable... So I think a newer version than this should be available somewhere... That is the main objective of this topic... to provide us all with the latest firmware available and to keep us updated!!! 😀
And what about UT304 R2