Error while adding broadband (Fiber) on Selfcare Portal... Please help

I tried many times to add it on Bsnl selfcare but unable to forward further,

It always shows related number not exist ,

customer care are try to hand-wash and giving up,
Guys let you help to fix this glitch. please.........
If you have a new connection then wait for few more days or till the first bill gets generated. After that you will be able to add that number to self-care portal.
From what I remember, for adding number to selfcare portal, we need the first bill that usually gets generated around 8th of each month.
My plan name :600GB CUL,
I got Billing Account ID and Customer Account ID, That's why I'm trying with that to check data usage
Any possibility to inject with?
@Habi90 the account creation on selfcare portal was faced by me too, dont worry it might take time even after creation of account might only start after few weeks or maybe after first billing cycle. 👍