Excitel fiber now available - How to know excitel fiber available in the area

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Can anyone share his experience of how they came to know about the excitel fiber being actually available in their area?
The excitel fiber page in myexcitel app is showing links to buy Onu devices since Feb end but the LCO and both excitel helpline saying work is still going on and its not available. Helpline guys told that they will contact via SMS and call when the fiber is indeed available in my area in Delhi.
Did anyone of you got notified via SMS or call when fiber was available to your area or it was through some other means?
interested in this topic.
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Awaiting reply from folks who have got excitel fiber or upgraded their excitel connection to fiber from copper based connection in Delhi.
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Call the no of lco or excitel adv in locality. Only they can you to the point details.
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If you are an old customer and haven't received a call yet for upgrade. Just ask them for a new connection, otherwise they'll only tell you to wait for their call once its available.
My area had fiber for more than a year and I was being put down everytime cause that specific lco wasn't providing fiber.
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Taking to customer care, this is what they replied -
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I see some orange wires layed out in my area. Could this be a fiber wire? Seems it's installed just a day or two back. See attached screenshot for IMG_20200715_131220.jpgwire.
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@apurvgupta1 if it is available it should show in app, the fiber in ur pic can be of any company. Else u can directly talk to lco. And never apply straightway when u see that option in app or webportal, first talk to ur lco and then apply for fiber.
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