eXeem 0.20 Open Beta

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Agent Smith
Load balanced, 100Mbit fake poop
eXeem™ is a brand new Peer-To-Peer program, which is based on the BitTorrent idea. eXeem™ eliminates the need for trackers as nodes in the program will be taking their role. eXeem™ also features easy publication of files to the network as well as a rating and comments system. eXeem™ contains NO SPYWARE. eXeem™ is free and is ad-supported. eXeem™ is currently still in its beta testing phase, which means that the network might not be completely stable yet. You are still very welcome to give eXeem™ a try and see how it is different from other Peer-To-Peer programs.

Download: eXeem 0.20 Open Beta
Homepage: Exeem
guys eXeem is out for public.
grab it 😀
Thanks for the info mate 🙂 but probably this should have been posted in the Technology & Internet section 😉I have heard that it comes with the Cydoor spyware, is this true?
when i search some thing,iam getting this error.what to do05:53 scheduling a node request at: 05:5305:53 sending node request to network05:54 node request failed, retrying in 5 minutes
okay guys , syware has been reported , Cydoor, but that company once said it had stopped all the activities, but who can trust. so here is eXeem Elite


chek it out. 😀