[ExS] - Experience Sify v1.1 --{BETA}

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ive updated the download, the newest feature is "force mac address" im still trying to figure out some other stuff, watch out for more updates.
can u get me a proper post on this update? i had post it on techwhack.
Sushubh kindly look on at the link www.compzone.hhnf.com/essify.htm i update dat page...frequently.take the matter from there and notify me with a link when ur done posting on techwack! thx

if possible also pin this post, it keeps flown off😛 and if u remember me better... my nickname is Soothsayer, i had u on my msn but guess u blocked me 🙁

thx anyways 🙂
When I try to login, it says "Invalid session. Plese try again later"This happens everytime I try to logn in.Any remedies?

hi guys... 🙂first off, thanks a lot for this excellent alternative...😀 had been using it ever since Sify introduced the IP+Mac binding funda.but recently (since 2 days), every time i try to login, i get "Invalid Session, please relaunch dialer" error.used to get that error before also, but would go away usually in the next attempt. But now it just doesn't go. Keep getting that error message each and every time. 🙁I chked with my friend who uses it, and it was working fine at his end.wanted to know if anyone else was having this problem ?🤔 is this becuase Sify has changed the login process or something ? is the author of this client working on an update ?thanx.EDIT: tried installing EasySify also, but that din't work either. gave "failed to contact sify" or some error of that sort.
and if u get the answer to ur question, plz let me also know 🙂 as ive been trying for ages but no1 will tell me how to fix it.