[ExS] - Experience Sify v1.1 --{BETA}

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thanks TJS, but i don't mind 10mb of ram for a client, as long as it lets me login from any ip & any mac address. ExS was best for that.missing it now 🙁Does ur solution allow me to do that ?
hi guys a saint from sify broadband to guide u regarding any problem with sify broadband
im Dayson(Soothsayer) Pais, creator of [ExS]Experience Sify, sorry for the real long break i took....i just cant find time to work on the client. I had made a v1.3 update but i couldnt upload it and my domain has expired,

the old version 1.2 webpage is at
http://deso.surpasshosting.com/~hhnf384/compzone/essify.htm (direct link - my domain expired)

if you want to visit the software site g2

the v1.3 is locally on my computer but im uploading it since ive worked out a couple of things(not much)
To get v1.3
http://sooth.codingproject.com/ExperienceSify.zip (Not publicly released)(Case sensitive url)

Im hoping to release the source code coz i cant work on it anymore...