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How is the forum performing for you wrt speed?

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Just a FYI. Google Singh has been banned from this forum for breaking one of the rules of the forum .

Personal Attack on another member.

His last message which I accidently deleted was:

Ok Guys, I have finally decided to leave this forum. Reason is that my posting rights have been taken away without informing me and without letting me know the reason. I feel there is* a lot of bias on this forum by one of the senior member cum moderator.

I dont feel that I said anything wrong and I feel have been delibrately targetted. I have been a victim of bias before as well. I think some people here can never learn to accept their mistakes. Freedom of expression is absent here.

As a result I have deceided to pull out of this forum.

I would like to thank the members like Bhaskar, ultravires,surjeet,gauravtyagi and many others here who have helped me a lot

Bye Friends

Google Singh* 🙂 [/b]

Quite funny I would say...
So, I actually spent 70 dollars to buy an upgrade for this forum software. Hurts, but I thought, it was time we get the latest version.Still waiting for getting my hands on the legal upgraded version. A question, would a donate button help on this forum? How many of you actually have paypal accounts!
that's great manthanksBut i donot think anyone will hav paypal accIn india very few ppl buy stuff frm netn even i donot hav paypal acc
i thought so 😉 but then i think since the forum is pretty active, it can do with an upgrade.

thanks yaar. 🙂even i dont have a paypal account. 🙁what akash said is true, very few people in india have a paypal account and not many buy stuff online. 🙁
nah, paypal won't work... how about just setting up a mailing address (a post box not your home address of course), and people who want can write you a check?However, it's nowhere near as elegant as having a way to donate online, and most people would be too lazy to write a check and mail it......
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