Fi (Savings Bank Account powered by Federal Bank)

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I opened their account in Feb and today I received 3 SMS of transactions I had not initiated.
2 debit and 1 credit. The debit transactions negated the credit transactions. The CC had no clue.

Narration in the transaction was ATM...... and I have my ATM transactions turned off for the debit card.

I will say stay away from this bank.
I don't have access to net banking. I can see in the app the transactions.

They called back and said that I did a transaction on Macy's USA on 12th and these transaction are transaction charges and it's reversal. But this is completely absurd. Let me explain:
1. Single transaction on Macy's that too of INR 8950
2. They did 2 debit transactions today amounting to 3300
3. 3300 on transaction of 8950 is not possible.
4. They say zero fee on international transaction.
I have always suspected Bank employees & somebody in the card manufacturers end who are involved.

It's shocking that inspite of disabling this feature its working & these jerks are debiting you for it. Reversing the entry is to keep them out of legal trouble. Proves their systems are BS.
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What does the transaction details show in the app for these that you did not initiate?

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I was told to wait for 24-48hrs when I had lodged the complaint on 17th March. Till today did not receive any feedback, so called them myself.
The guy told me sent to backend for update and there is no TAT.

I mean I have reported a fradulent transaction how can it not have a TAT. Anywhere else I can complain about this?