Finally, TriB NU Solution

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Triband 949UL
Finally, I found a foolproof router reboot method, no tricky macros, no timer circuits.

Let us first find out if this reboot method works for you, and we will discuss the scheduling part later.

But first, let me clarify, I have tried this only on D-Link DSL-502T router and though, this should work on any modem, I personally have no experience. Secondly, I have tried this on my router atleast a 50 times now and there is no problem whatsoever BUT, but I'm in no way responsible if your hardware loses any or all of its functionality as a result of this method.

Go to Start > Run

type "telnet" without quotes

In the telnet window that opens, type "o" (o for open) without quotes.

You will get a login prompt. Enter the login you use for the DLink router ronfiguration page. Enter the corressponding password on the next prompt. At # prompt, type "reboot" and press enter.

At this point, there will be a "Press any key to continue..." prompt in Telnet. Now, I'm not sure about this but knowing the flaky nature of DLink 502T, I would advise you not to do so until the router has rebooted completely and USB/Ethernet and ADSL Link lights have come back on. In any case, waiting is not going to hurt, better safe than sorry.

Meanwhile, if all goes well, router would have rebooted and you would be back online. Triband usage page at will reflect the same. For your satisfaction, you can also check your IP address at, before and after the reboot.

For scheduling the reboot, download TST10 from downloads. It is a tiny freeware Telnet utility with support for scripting. Extract the utility to a folder on your hard drive. e.g. C:\TST. In this folder, create a new text file. This is the file in which we will write the script for TST10, so name it anything you like e.g. reboot.txt. Edit this file in notepad and type the following. Remember to type the quotes as well and do not type the top and bottom lines, which I've added here only for clarity.

Start of script(don't type this line)---------------- 23
WAIT "login"
SEND "login_id\m" (enter your login ID here)
WAIT "Password"
SEND "login_pass\m" (enter your password here)
WAIT "#"
SEND "reboot\m"
WAIT "#"

End of Script (don't type this line)------------- is the address you use to access the router configuration. 23 is the port to which telnet connects. Replace "login_id" and "login_pass" with the login and password respectively, that you use to access the router configuration page from a browser. Remember, keep the \m after the id and pass.

Now simply create a scheduled task using the inbuilt Windows task scheduler.

Important: Create a task to run tst10.exe with the command line parameter /r:reboot.txt.

Important: Remember to set your firewall to always allow TST10.exe to connect to otherwise it won't be able to work.

Voila 🙂

Also, some of these steps may need you to login as administrator. Try it a few times to make sure it works.
awesome work dude!!!will let u know my findings 😀keep it up!!!
I believe making your router work in bridged mode would mean, it ceases to work as a router. So, you can connect just one computer on the router, even though it has space for thats not a very good idea if you have a PC and a laptop, or two PCs.
this is great.. tried it out and it works!! the bridging mode is no good for me cause my dsl router is connected to my wireless router.. so this is by far the best solution so far.. far far better than using macro machine which is unreliable as hell....good work.. keep it up
Originally posted by adwait@Aug 1 2005, 08:33 PM
I believe making your router work in bridged mode would mean, it ceases to work as a router. So, you can connect just one computer on the router

where did u get that idea from? u can definitely connect more than 1 pc to it.

Nywayz use wat works for u best...bridged mode has worked flawlessly for me and continues to do so...

In short , Maximum speed over torrents which u might/might not get over the other mode.No hassles of portforwarding for any application. for eg some voip applications like microsoft portrait dont traverse NAT very well.U have the added advantage of greater control over your internet connection..u can connect and disconnect with a click from the reboots needed. U know exactly when ur connection is on and when its not..with the router its always on..if u have microsoft updates or antivirus/firewall updates enabled..they might get updated even without ur knowing it..consuming precious day-time MB's But then there is element of subjectivity..i do wat works for me best..
Originally posted by cyberwiz+Aug 1 2005, 07:57 PM-->QUOTE(cyberwiz @ Aug 1 2005, 07:57 PM)
Yes good work...u have really worked on that for a long time..patience pays... 🙂 [/b]

God knows how hard I tried. But I can't take credit for the system. I only 'discovered' it, albeit after lot of painstaking digging and following of leads, Batman style 😛 It was suggested to me by a South African forum's user.
Plain modem in the sense that DHCP wld get disabled ie u wont get a a lan ip automatically..but u can still attach more than one computer by providing static ip's...Nywayz..wat u have discovered is a nice way for ppl who dont want to touch the router...ur work much appreciated..keep it up 🙂