"Forget Down-Time"

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MTNL TriBand Combo Unlimited
The title of this post is what I see written on the pamphlet being distributed by my CTO.And what do I have? Internet down for the last 24 hours, a CTO who is a pathological liar and no redressal of my problems.Since this is the second time since I renewed my pack on Jan.23 that my internet has been down for a full 24 hrs. apart from other outages regularly, I am going to write an email to Sify complaining about my CTO's service and claim a compensation pack.
awwww... 🙁
Ok, it's been repaired. Looks like the hub on the roof of our building was being buggy and the fellows replaced it with a switch.Ho hum :-|
Why don't you try getting MTNL/BSNL for the time being, until other better isps come out in your area. anything, even dial up, is better than sify.
I do have MTNL at the back of my mind. But I remember my speeds on MTNL dial-up from last year and they were like when Sify halves your speed when you download too much, except they are there on MTNL all the time lol.And MTNL broadband has shi**y packages in its lower priced categories.Another option for me is Reliance CDMA internet access but they are a strange bunch, I get 14 kbps when browsing the web using Reliance but 70 kbps when downloading a big file. Oh by the way, yesterday night it rained here in Delhi and the newly replaced switch caught a cold so I'm now not on Sify, again :-|