Gigabit Experience on One Broadband

I want to write a huge post on time and wavelength division multiplexing.
How it is used by OLT, as this allows it to work with all the ONU on its port, but I'd refrain.

To answer the statement above, yes, it is possible.

The reason, why I ruled out congestion on the port is because you are having slows speeds even during non-peak hours.
A bad passive splitter could have meant, irregular power and at times packet loss, but this is not true for your issue either.
I have the same connection and at least during non-peak hours the speeds are good, albeit I should also acknowledge that I am the only user on the port.
bro is running a leased line 🙂
How did you get in touch with NOC? Via the LCO or email? If it's the LCO and the bug him to get it done.

Last year i raised several tickets then NOC contacted me via a landline number (incoming calls blocked to that numberl

This time the LCO is assuring me everyday that I'll get a call

I hesitate a bit to bug him daily since he's always been nice. He's cooperating as long as things are under his capacity like fiber splicing, optical power, ont change all done already
20 days later still no luck with speed issue.

It is always in 200-375mbps range. Never crossed it even for a minute.
LCO was busy with fiber cuts lately, i've told him to try using my username password at his office so as to rule out any fiber or splitter issue.