GoobalProtect VPN not working with Reliance Jio AirFiber

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Jio AirFiber
When I connect via GlobalProtect VPN to my office network it connects but most of the apps or sites don’t work.

Strangely, Outlook and Teams do seem to work as well as one or two websites like Moneycontrol (although even these sites open VERY VERY slowly). I did a trace route and it seems like packets are reaching the destination but they’re either taking too much time or getting blocked so in the browser I get a ERR_TIMED_OUT error.

Same issue occurs if I use my Jio mobile hotspot (5G). When I use any other wifi or hotspot connection, everything works perfectly. Multiple people in my org seem to be facing the same issue

Calling Jio hasn’t helped at all because they don’t seem to understand the issue at all and they’re just saying it’s the VPN or my organisation’s problem.

please suggest a workable solution
Raise a ticket saying that internet is not working for you. When the support engineers come to your premises, ask them to contact TSD. They have a network support team at TSD. It requires some escalation with the TSD team from the engineers at your home to reach the network engineers. They'll have the solution for you.
Tried that in the first go. Didn’t help at all. TSD also washed their hands off saying it’s not a Jio problem.
Having used Jioairfiber for work, I would say it is not the best option for WFH if you are using VPN or remote desktop

In my case remote desktop keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every few minutes even when you are directly connected using the LAN. However, video calls works fine.
May be this is because of the high latency of Jioairfiber as compared to wired fiber connection since this never happens when am using my secondary connection (ACT Fibernet).

Apart from this normal day to day usage for browsing, video streaming and Jio setup box, I don't see any issues.
Contact to a VP(tech) level employee at JIO over Linkedin and give them a formal request to escalate this issue to the appropiate team. Not sure if this is gonna work but you guys can give it a try.

He is leading the AirFiber Engineering -
Try to connect with him.

Recently I have installed Jioairfiber, I am also facing the same issue when I connect to my office VPN, but same work with my Airtel 5G hotspot