Have anyone tried openwrt on tplink archer c6?

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How was the experience with openwrt on c6 i hear some wifi issues persisted. And im having US v2 version.
Any help in this regard is appreciated. 😊🙏
I dont think the US version is available on openwrt.

Anyways openwrt now only supports new routers who have 128MB ram or somehow manages with 64 mb on ersion 19 onwards.
all 32mb support is gone with version 18..

C6 has 128 MB RAM and 8/16 MB flash. OpenWRT would work alright with that @popcorn

It's just that there hasn't been a new release after support for the US version was added, so support for it is only in the snapshot version of OpenWRT.

Anyway I don't have hands on experience on the C6, so not sure how well it would work especially with the documented issue with wireless.