tplink archer c6 new firmware issues


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Anyone facing wifi issues on the c6?

(As some fellow members may know) I've two archer c6, one as an access point, connected via an ethernet backhaul. Lately, ive been having a few minor wifi problems. Like phones that would always remain in 5ghz in a particular room would now switch to 2.4 ghz. I used the wifi analyser (android app) today, and found.
1. C6 generates a hidden wifi channel, for both 2.4 ghz, and 5 ghz. Its on for about 10-15 seconds, and off for about 10s. wifi mac id is the same as that of the router.
2. Seems this is due to the one mesh feature. This link has more detail Archer C7 v5 is emitting a hidden network - TP-Link SOHO Community

wifi scan1.png

3. Red is my 5ghz wifi, purple is the onemesh scan. Yellow is the onemesh scan of a c6 that has its 5ghz disabled! Even if one disables a 5ghz wifi channel, C6 is still auto scan for onemesh. 😵 wow!

It gets more interesting when i searched the settings for some way to disable onemesh. i found this new setting 'CWMP', and its enabled by default.

More details on the net. (eg Many home routers supplied by ISPs can be compromised en masse, researchers say,
Apparently, it might have been already present and previously enabled. 🤢
noticed the same hidden ssid here too.
A lot of routers have hidden SSID. There is a Jio thread where people are discussing why Jio is creating a hidden SSID, assuming this is limited to Jio router. My BSNL Syrotech router also had a hidden SSID, most of my neighbours have a hidden SSID as seen in WiFi analyser app. I don’t know why it is though, but definitely not limited to a particular router/brand like C6 or Jio router
My apologies first if I make your situation more complex.....

Supposedly only v2 is officially supported in OpenWrt
so incase you are in mood to adventure.... latest version would stop you for now till current hardware versions get supported....

edit: p.s. any one done flashing on h/w version other than v2