How do i know if i have dynamic or static ip?

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I know what are dynamic or static IP.
My ISP say i have dynamic ip but my IP never changes. Either it is bind with modem mac address or it is just static ip address.
I try config/all command in cmd and its say DHCP enabled YES so according to its i have dyanmic ip address.
I visited a site : What Is My IP Address? IP Address Tools and More and its say i have static ip address. Now i am confuse weather i have dyanmic or static ip address.

Is there any soild way to determine weather i have dynami or static ip.

Restarting mode do not change my ip address.

I use wimax connection of zeonet.
Looks like your ISP has done MAC binding or something of that sort and you have static IP on your line.

If it was dynamic IP, IP would have changed every time you restarted your router.

Your router gives dynamic IPs to you. It is usually in the form 192.168.1.*. That is why you are seeing DHCP enabled to yes on command prompt.
But my ISP is calming he has assign me dynamic ip. I am asking my ISP to give me different IP everytime. I connect to internet. If he have already assigned me dynamic ip then how hard it is for him to give me new ip every time with DHCP server
Your ISP is using NATing.

IP that u get is DHCP based but he must be giving you private dynamic IPs.

But when you access any site it goes through a fixed public IP (static) which is NATed to.

Hence when you do what is my IP.. u get same IP.

To add to what @amish has said, in case you are using windows open a command prompt and write ipconfig then press enter.

The ip address that you will see it that IP you have got and it will not be same as what the web site is telling you.