How to check Airtel Broadband data usage?

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alternatively u can install netmeter or du meter not only u can check how much u download , U can check download / Upload hourly / daily / weekly / monthly basis and also projected total Dl/ul and average leftper day daily (Netmeter)
we do not know how to check airtel broadband usage in terms of Kb / Mb / Gb on daily basis. I will welcome response from other forum members on the subject
How to know my DSL ID? My phone number is 08041****97 My plan is changed from in the night whether I have to do something (like restarting router) or the speed will automatically change to 1mbps?

^ The DSL ID is usually your complete phone number, STD included, appended with a _dsl. If your number is something like 08040404040, the ID should be 08040404040_dsl, and the password 08040404040. If that doesn't work, try appending to your ID, like [email protected] . If neither helps, CC is always there.
From: mohd_tonse, Username: st0080376; Bro ! i have registered with my username and password; and now i want to check my DSL usage --that how much DSL download Call details I have made since 25th of July, 2009. Is there any "LOG ON WEB SEARCH" so as to get the DSL USAGE instantaneously? Please reply.

Thanks: [email protected]